The 2005Koufax Awards

Atrios’ Eschaton Cheers and Jeers Body and Soul Brad Blog Hullabaloo by Digby Hullabaloo David Neiwert Rush, Newspeak and Facism The Rise of Pseudo-Fascism by David Neiwert at Orcinus Dohiyi Mir Fafblog Fanatical Apathy Grits for Breakfast James Wolcott Liberal Street Fight Meteor Blades Majikthise Decembrist Mouse Words Jesus’ General Pharyngula Rittenhouse Review Al Gore and the Alpha Girls Just Go Roger Ailes What Kerry Should Say, Part 2 Seeing The Forest Ignatz South Knox Bubba Talk Left TBogg Exit Interview eleven Angry Bear Preznit, Giv me turkee Whiskey Bar Crooked Timber Daily Kos Kicking Ass James Wolcott Informed Comment If American Were Iraq, What Would it be Like Michael Berube Second Night MyDD Parody of Peggy Noonan Panda’s Thumb Trent Lott Suburban Guerrilla Talking Points Memo by Josh Marshall. Poker with Dick Cheney What a Tangled Web We Weave
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