CSS Fast Rollovers Without Preload - Updated

Simple yet strong update of the Fast Rollovers Without Preload comes from Marek Blaha (Czech author). This workaround solves the problem when Windows IE sometimes slowly reloads the background image causing the element flickers while mouse hovering.

The solution is just simple: the background image (moved to the "hover position") is attached to the outer element, and the same background is attached to the inner A element as well (in the "base position" though). The :hover state just changes the A's background to transparent making the 'outer' background bellow visible. Thus, no background is beeing switched and IE has no more reason to flicker.

Check the source code of this document to see the solution at work. It works fine in every browser I've met...

Posted by Petr Stanicek [aka -pixy-], 2003-11-27,00.05 CET